About the Brand:

Robo and RokuRobo Roku (pronounced roh-boh roh-coo) is a lifestyle brand of cute and clever characters.

Since 2003, Josh and Renée have been collaborating on characters for comic books, apparel, and accessories. It was out of these collaborations that Robo Roku was officially born in 2006. With a loyal following in the US and representation in Asia and Latin America, Robo Roku is licensing their unique and colorful universe of characters to bring them to the world.

About the Artists:

Josh & Renee of Robo RokuConspiring in crimes of cuteness, Renée Rice and Josh DuBose enjoy creating characters that bring a smile to your face. This dynamic duo create their designs with Microns, fine liners, and pencils on paper, finishing them up in Adobe Illustrator to achieve a bright balance of color and life in each illustration. They pull inspiration for their playful banter and puntastic art from the variety of pop and Japanese culture they grew up on. From 80s Care Bears, Sanrio, Ren & Stimpy, Gary Larson, and Jim Henson, Josh and Renée blend their influences with their sunny lifestyle to bring heart and humor to every facet of their work.

Born and bred Texans, Josh and Renée currently roam in Austin with their ragamuffin cat, Ami (ah-me). When not immersed in their own vast world of colorful characters, they can be found playing video games, watching movies, or enjoying the live music scene Austin has to offer.

Email us if you are interested in working with Robo Roku: hello[at]roboroku[dot]com