About Robo Roku

Robo Roku is an art lifestyle brand of cute and quirky characters often found adorning an array of goodies such as apparel, accessories, and more! You may have seen these characters on licensed goods and most recently on public art.

The robotic design duo of Robo Roku love creating dream worlds of color & fun. Originally named Robot Conspiracy, focus shifted to the main robots, Robo and Roku (roh-boh and roh-coo). These robots aren’t like normal robots, they dream! Rokuland is the universe that they’ve dreamed up to have other friends to hang out with (besides robots). They play in a band and design tees for a living. Meet their friends & explore their whimsical world!

Meet the Artists

Josh & Renee of Robo Roku

Since 2003, Renée and Josh (the design team behind Robo Roku) have been collaborating on characters for comic books, apparel, and accessories. It was out of these collaborations that Robo Roku was officially established in 2006.

Conspiring in crimes of cuteness, Renée Rice and Josh DuBose enjoy creating characters that make people laugh and smile. This dynamic duo create their designs with Microns, fine liners, and pencils on paper, finishing them in Illustrator to achieve a bright balance of color and life in each illustration. They pull inspiration for their playful banter and puntastic art from their love of robots, silly jokes, and the variety of pop and Japanese culture they grew up on, such as Sanrio, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Ren & Stimpy, Gary Larson, Jim Henson, anime and manga. Renée and Josh blend their influences with their sunny lifestyle to bring heart and humor to every facet of their work.

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