What is Comfort Cuteness?
Robo Roku has one goal when it comes to creating our characters and the worlds they inhabit: to bring comfort and smiles to all who meet them. We call our philosophy Comfort Cuteness™, and it finds its way into every aspect of what we do.

We love to surround ourselves with bright and cute things to carry those moments of joy throughout the day, no matter what life throws at us. We hope you’ll find a favorite Comfort Cutie™ to take home with you!

About Robo Roku

Welcome to the House of Fun!

Robo Roku is a Comfort Cuteness™️ lifestyle brand of bright, quirky, and dark characters found on apparel, stationery, and gifts. You may have seen these characters on licensed goods, public art, iOS stickers, GIFS, and Netflix.  

The robotic design duo Robo and Roku (roh-boh and roh-coo) aren’t like normal robots, they dream, and love creating worlds of color and fun. Rokuland is the universe that they’ve dreamed up to have other friends to hang out with (besides robots). Meet them all and explore their whimsical world!

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