Music Monday: Indie Pop Vibes

Welcome to our first “Music Monday” post! We’re reviewing Taylor Swift’s Folklore, Phoebe Ryan’s How it Used to Feel, and Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez’s single Past Life. We love music as much as we love creating. Music helps us get through our days, especially when we’re prepping for the holiday season. Here are our latest rotations at Robo Roku HQ:

Phoebe Ryan’s first full length album How It Used to Feel came out July 31, 2020. We were lucky enough to see her live in February with Eric Nam, it was such an amazing show. If you follow our Instagram stories you might’ve caught part of it live from the show. When we can all go to shows again, we highly recommend both acts. The Phoebe Ryan / Eric Nam pairing was great and the crowd was filled with well-behaved concert goers. It is a big pet peeve to go to a show and be stuck next to people that want to talk throughout it. Those people should hang out in the back, or by the bar, or better yet, don’t go to the show. I’ll never understand spending money for a live show just to talk through it. Oops. Kinda went off on a rant there. Back to how much we love this album. Josh’s favorite song off Phoebe Ryan’s album is Ring. Mine is ICIMY, video above, which is Josh’s second favorite off the album. ICIMY is so catchy it gets stuck in my head easily. The album is full of indie pop goodness. If that’s your thing, don’t sleep on this one.

Also on rotation is Folkore, the latest album release by Taylor Swift. Earlier this year I created my own Taylor Swift playlist of all my favorite songs from her past albums. I haven’t been able to add in new ones off this latest album, because I love most of the album. I do have one standout favorite, and it is Epiphany. It is a heartbreaking song, but it is so good. There’s a nice article about it on Buzzfeed. I may have also swooped in and bought myself a Taylor Swift cardigan and sweatshirt from her Folklore merch releases. Honestly, I think most of her merch isn’t up to the level it could be, and it would be a dream come true to design her merch. If anyone can hook me up with that gig, let me know. Wink wink. Notable musicians involved with this album include Jack Antonoff of Bleachers (she works with him often), Aaron Dessner of The National, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. This was the first “alternative” album release from Taylor Swift. It’s pretty different for Swift, but I love what she did with this album. Several tracks are sung from different perspectives giving you a greater story. I love the video for Cardigan featured above. I hope there will be a video (other than the lyric video) for Epiphany.

Past Life by Trevor Daniel and Selena Gomez is another catchy track. I’ll have those lyrics stuck in my head for hours. They were recently on Animal Talking and it was so cute. Speaking of Animal Crossing, Stale Cupcakes is always on in my island home. 😉

We hope you enjoyed our mini reviews on Taylor Swift, Phoebe Ryan, and Selena Gomez’s latest music. We’ll be back next week with new mini reviews of what we’re listening to. If you want to suggest music to us, hit us up on social or leave a comment below.

Hope you have a great week!

xo -Renée

Public Art: Art Boxes

We’re so honored and excited to announce you can find our work on art boxes at Capital Metro bus stops off South Congress in Austin, Texas! The process took awhile (just like most licensing deals), so we’ve been dying to share for months! We entered a call for art hosted by Austin’s public transportation (Capital Metro). There were 14 boxes at varying locations in our city that we could choose to submit our work for. There were over 150 submissions for just 14 boxes, and 12 artists were chosen by an anonymous jury process. We love a lot of the other artist’s work and think this project is going to help add even more beauty to our city. We highly recommend you check out all the winning Art Boxes works. These works will be up for three years! If you live in the area, you can take a bus tour August 25, 2018 hitting the southern boxes (SOCO, St. Edward’s and Little Texas—our boxes are at SOCO & St. Edwards) at 10 am. On that tour you’ll be able to meet some of the artists and ask about the works. Stay tuned to our newsletter or Instagram for more info! Be sure to tag us if you stop by and take a pic and use these handy hashtags: #roboroku #artboxesatx Robo Roku Capital Metro Art Box Robo Roku Capital Metro Art Box
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