Robo Roku is a Comfort Cuteness™️ lifestyle brand of Cute AF art found on apparel, stationery, and gifts. You may have seen these designs and characters on licensed goods, public artiOS stickersGIFS, in Hot Topic, and Netflix.  


Robo Roku creates Cute AF art for a Comfort Cuteness™ lifestyle. Our designs, products, characters and worlds they inhabit are tied to our mission of bringing you Comfort Cuteness™.
What is Comfort Cuteness™? It's our philosophy.
It's having something cute to bring you comfort, no matter what life throws at you.
We believe everyone should honor their feelings (as long as you're not oppressing anyone). We're not about toxic positivity. We believe in being good people, spreading love, but also knowing sometimes you wanna cut a bish. Don't do it! Reach for one of our Comfort Cuties™ and know they get you. We hope our art brings you comfort.

Renee & Josh of Robo Roku

Robo Roku was started by Renée (Roku) when she started having health issues and needed to work from home. After working on a comic with one of her best friends and her partner Josh (Robo) she asked Josh to join her and they expanded from handmade jewelry and accessories to include art, comic strips, stationery, and apparel. Renée and Josh blend their influences from comics, Sanrio, Nintendo, Murakami, and anime to create their own characters. The people behind the brand: Renée (she/her) is a Tejana artist born in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas living with Post Concussion Syndrome. Josh (he/him) is an illustrator born in South Texas. They live in Austin, TX with four rescue pets (two cats and two bunnies) and can be found streaming weekly and grabbing bubble tea on Sundays.