Our "Call Me Cute One More Time" Daisy design can be found in Hot Topic stores across the country, and our I Will Cut You Mood Bear was also available in-stores and online.


Never Have I Ever

You can spot us in a new Netflix Original series called "Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever."

Our booth was seen by the set decoration department in preparation for the reproduction of a Comic-Con style set. They loved our DesignerCon booth and wanted us to recreate it for the show.

We drove to California to be part of the filming and were excited to set up our booth for a different purpose. We don't want to spoil anything for you, but you can spot our booth and robots in a key moment of the final episode!

Behind the scenes thoughts:

We fell in this unique area of not being cast, crew, or extras, which enabled us to experience things from the varying aspects. We got to eat with the cast (one day we were at a table between the directors, producers, and cast), we also got to get snacks from craft services—which meant we got sodas, and the extras didn't. We didn't have to have makeup put on us, or get up as early as many of the extras, but the wardrobe department did check on us, steamed our clothing, and took our pics for reference for the following days. We even got paid as extras, and now have credits toward a SAG card—hahahaha JK!

Many of the booths were fake, done by the art department—who did an amazing job, because we really wanted to buy some things from a fake booth. Once the cast, crew, and extras found out we were real we started making sales in-between takes. When extras were in our booth during filming (acting like shoppers) they'd whisper "save this for me". heh!

At one point all the directors were in our booth filming from it, and they were all so nice to us. See photos below for peeks from the set.

Robo Roku Booth in "Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever" on Netflix Our slightly modified DesignerCon 2017 booth on the Beacon Cove Comic-Con set. 

Public Art

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