Thinking Puddin' FAQ


The hot dog is named Hard Had Harry. He was part of our "Food Fight" illustration where meats and veggies meet in a dark alley on the streets of Meatropolis to settle an old score.

We do! We have a background in stationery and printing, so we love designing and producing our paper products ourselves. We design, print, cut, glue, & bind every piece of Robo Roku stationery that we sell. Yes, that includes our planners!

Our planner stickers are printed in-house on a high-quality premium matte vinyl.

We aim to get your order right every time, but we are human. If your order is not accurate, please send your order number, photo, and/or short description of what went wrong. We will get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Due to 2021 Covid and shipping delays, plus we made a change to the contents of the bag, ITA bags will ship out July 2022. We apologize for the delay!

Of course! Please email us if you need a better version of the artwork to show to your tattoo artist. We would appreciate a photo when it's done and please credit us for the original design when you post it.

Yes, international shipping is available. Please check to make sure your country accepts international packages without any restrictions regarding COVID-19 before placing your order.