Welcome to our very first rep search!

We’re looking for 4 representatives to join the Cutie Crew for a three-month term April 1-June 30

The positions have been filled, so stay tuned for our next search!



Apply to be part of the Cutie Crew

Love our aesthetic and values? Fill out our short application to become one of our first Cutie Crew reps!

Post on your socials

Interact with our posts and tag and @ us in posts that you create. Share our CUTE AF goodies with your followers and help us spread Comfort Cuteness to the world!

Get free Robo Roku goodies every month!

Every month you'll get to pick the items that YOU WANT and earn you and your followers a discount in our shop!

Rules to Enter

1. Follow us! 

2. Fill out the application  
3. You must be active on social media (there is no minimum follower count needed to apply)  
4. Must be 18+ years old Reps will be selected based on how well their account and style matches our aesthetic and values, engagement may also be factored into consideration

Rep Requirements

1. Tag us AND @ us in all Robo Roku posts you do  

2. Comment, like, share, and save our posts/Reels/TikToks  
3. Include our products in your public Instagram feed posts (a min of 4 times a month)  
4. Share weekly Robo Roku updates in your IG Stories - choose content from: new arrivals, sales, Instagram posts, when we are live streaming  
5. Share your rep code to your followers weekly through posts  
6. To participate in this program, you must join our Discord  
7. Posts featuring other businesses that do not match our community values will not count towards monthly requirements  

Bonus Points

1. Share your rep code in your bio OR story highlights until the end of your term (get an extra $5/mo on your monthly gift card)  
2. Film and post reels featuring Robo Roku goods (get an extra $5/mo on your monthly gift card)  
3. Film and post on TikTok featuring Robo Roku goods (get an extra $5/mo on your monthly gift card)


1. You will receive a PR package (one per month) with 1 item YOU choose plus what you’ve used your $25 Gift Card on!
2. Your followers will receive a 10% discount (valid through the end of your term).  
3. You will receive a 20% discount for personal use (valid through the end of your term).  
4. For completing requirements 1-5 you will get a $25 Gift Card at the end of each month  
5. *up to an extra $15 Gift Card per month for doing the “Bonus Points”

Terms & Conditions

1. Confirmation of acceptance + participation will be communicated via email.  

2. You grant Robo Roku unlimited usage of participant photos for promotional purposes.  
3. Robo Roku may update reward tiers and rewards at any time

We can’t wait to work with the Robo Roku Cutie Crew! DM us if you have any questions.