Sweet Sidekicks Gloss Sticker Sheet


Meet the Sweet Sidekicks! Boba the Bunny, Fudge the Mouse, and Buttercream the Duck love to hang out with their friends the Neapolitan Bears. 

🐇 Boba Bunny is Puddin' the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. The tiny bunny is curious, sweet, and LOVES bubble tea. Puddin' has to keep a close eye on his friend because he is always wandering off. 

🐁 Mr. Fudge Sprinkles the mouse is Ice Cream the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. He takes care of the clumsy bear and makes sure he doesn't get into too much trouble.

🦆 Buttercream the duck is a prankster and is Cake the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. This little duck is full of sass and isn't afraid to quack.

This gloss sticker sheet is 4.25"x6" and is chock full of cute stickers sized .5"-1.25".

- Printed on high-quality glossy polyester material
- Water-resistant, but NOT water-proof

*Not suitable for outdoor use and should not be run through a dishwasher.

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