🐁🐇🦆 Sweet Sidekicks Best Fwends - A2 Memo Pad


Meet the Sweet Sidekicks! Boba the Bunny, Fudge the Mouse, and Buttercream the Duck love to hang out with their friends the Neapolitan Bears. 

🐇 Boba Bunny is Puddin' the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. The tiny bunny is curious, sweet, and LOVES bubble tea. Puddin' has to keep a close eye on his friend because he is always wandering off. 

🐁 Mr. Fudge Sprinkles the mouse is Ice Cream the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. He takes care of the clumsy bear and makes sure he doesn't get into too much trouble.

🦆 Buttercream the duck is a prankster and is Cake the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. This little duck is full of sass and isn't afraid to quack.

Take notes and stay cute with this 4.25"x5.5" tear-away memo pad. Featuring 50 pages of super smooth 80# paper, these pads are perfect for keeping near you in case inspiration arises.

- 4.25" W x 5.5" H
- 50 sheets of 80# smooth text paper
- 130#, 300gsm cardstock backer
- Super cute & fun!

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