Banana Royale Planner Weekly Kit


Far beyond the edge of the Friendswood forest, lies the warm and sunny realm of Banana Royale™. Explore the magnificent banana towers and soak in the cooling royal ice cream bath with this a-peeling pin collection. Join Banana King and his only(?) daughter Princess Niblet on a magical and thrilling adventure in Comfort Cuteness™.

These weekly kits are based on a 1.5-inch column width and work well with many types of planners.

This kit includes 12 sheets that feature:

− Day Covers (1.5" x .5"), Dates (.25"), Month Cover (1.75" x 2.5"), Washi Strips (.5" x 6.375")

− Full Boxes (1.5" x 1.9")

− Vertical Checklists (1.5" x 1.9"), Header Boxes (1.5" x .25"), Check Flags (.25" x 1.9")

− Half Boxes (1.5" x 1"), Weekend Flags (3" x .67"), Quarter Boxes (1.5" x .25"), Washi Strips (.5" x 6.375")

Character Stickers (Vary in size from .5" to 1.25" tall), Full Boxes (1.5" x 1.9"), Tracker Checklist Boxes (1.5" x .5"), and more!

− Sheet size is 3.5"x5.5"

− All stickers are printed on water-resistant premium matte vinyl

*Production time is 3-7 business days. Colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. 


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