Bullet Journal - 90's Cuties - Frog Fones


Did you hear what they said about what happened at the movies last weekend? Nuh uh, yeah, like totally! Yeah, they totally did that...right there during the movie! Can you believe it?! OMG, there's totally more. Listen to this...

Bullet journaling is the ultimate in customizable planning. Filled with 100 dot-grid, double-sided sheets, these little books are perfect for organizing your thoughts, tasks, and life. You create the layout any way you want, the only limit is your imagination!

- 5" W x 7" H (page size), 5.5" W x 7.25" H (laminated cover size)
- 100 sheets of 80# smooth text paper, dot-grid pattern on front and back
- 10 mil laminated covers (art on inside and outside)
- Super cute & fun!

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