Sweet Sidekicks Acrylic Pin


Meet the Sweet Sidekicks! Boba the Bunny, Fudge the Mouse, and Buttercream the Duck love to hang out with their friends the Neapolitan Bears. 

This listing is for your choice of 1 acrylic pin. There are 9 Comfort Cuties in this collection of colorful clear acrylic pins. The pins vary in size and have a single post with a black rubber clutch. They can be put on jackets, backpacks, or on a pinboard!

Collect all 9!

- Acrylic pins are approximately 1.38" tall
- Single post with black rubber clutch
- Buy 3 pins to get a chance to win the CHASE pin for FREE!

THE CHASE: This pin is rarer than the rest, and there is a 1/4 chance of getting one for free if you purchase 3 or more individual pins. The Chase pin is not available for individual purchase.

*pin colors and packaging colors may vary from what you see on your screen.


🐇 Boba Bunny is Puddin' the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. The tiny bunny is curious, sweet, and LOVES bubble tea. Puddin' has to keep a close eye on his friend because he is always wandering off. 

🐁 Mr. Fudge Sprinkles the mouse is Ice Cream the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. He takes care of the clumsy bear and ensures he doesn't get into too much trouble.

🦆 Buttercream the duck is a prankster and is Cake the Neapolitan Bear's sidekick. This little duck is full of sass and isn't afraid to quack.

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